Establisihing A Brand With Mids&Lows

In middle of 2020, the team at Mids&Lows approached us to help build their brand language for the niche market of sneaker lovers and hype beasts. Considering how replicas of high end sneakers and accessories were being sold online, the requirement was to create an image of trust and authenticity among the people. To tackle this along with their brand launch we decided to establish standards in series of things for the brand, starting from a teaser video.


Website Design
Graphic Design
Video Production

Pitch Perfect

For any brand to acquire more business, the key element is how they pitch themselves in the market. Even big brands have to showcase who they are, what they do and what their expertise is. To bring all this together, we sat with the team at Mids&Lows to understand every step in their operations process and convert it into interactive and precise slides for better message delivery

Photographing For The Portal

To get them started with promotions and website sales, the photoshoot of products was important, along with it the requirement of a shoot guide to get consistent results always.

Building The Store

For the final step of the whole brand building, we had to create the website for them. The e-commerce stores preference by the client was to have a clean layout with bold colors and straightforward interactions. We delivered them exactly what they asked for!